BASYA Group is the Russian company, specialized in the support of the international companies entering Russian and CIS markets. Basya Group team helps foreign companies to start and expand sales in Russia.
Basya Group provides B2B matchmaking services for individual companies and delegations during international business mission, trade fairs, B2B events in Russia. We do it in automotive, industrial equipment, food & beverages, cosmetics, and many others segments for more than 7 years.
We assist the companies with the searching the best distribution channels and considerable network of importers, distributors and wholesalers for its product. BASYA Group provides market reviews, industry analysis, and reports on competitors to identify the product potential and the best prospects for efficient penetration and development of outstanding Russian market. 

BASYA Group is the team of young and enthusiastic people with the great background of international trade and new markets development. The "real-life" longstanding sales experience all over the world makes our team very efficient in the support of companies entering Russian market. We know that penetration of new markets is not an easy process; it requires much advances and support. We know all the difficulties faced by companies planning to develop new market.


So we are here to support your penetration of Russian market with your products!



  • We have proven background of B2B matchmaking services for many international delegations at business missions and trade fairs in Russia.
  • Our team has a great sales experience, and it allows us to identify the important features of the "right" resourced distributor for your product (sales geography, turnover, sales staff, warehouse capacity, main customers etc).
  • We have privileged access to customs data base, and are able to get the sales record of your competitors in Russia (supplies volumes, customers, pricing etc)
  • Proven record of export sales all over the world with the great practical understanding of the new market development’ challenges.
  • Job experience in such industries as: mining, building & construction, automotive parts & components, food processing makes us knowing these industries inside.
  • The market researches performed by our team include beneficial and effective data only. Nobody needs useless "academic" market information.
  • We know Russian culture attitudes.
  • We will help you with the language barrier if needed (presentations, contracts, negotiations, exhibitions etc).
  • We will support you with the regulatory environment in Russia.
    We are very enthuastic about the job we do!



1. You apply us for the services

You send us RFQ.

2. We prepare proposal for you

We prepare detailed proposal with description of our responsibilities at each stage of cooperation.



3. You enter Russian market in the right way

You open the Russian market for your products with resourced and reliable distributors.



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