September 2-6, 2019 Brazilian Autoparts manufactures trade mission to Russia & CIS
Business Mission 14 exhibitors / 92 B2B meetings

Sindipecas – The National Association of Brazilian Auto Parts manufacturers

About Event

In September 2019 Brazilian automotive spare parts and components producers took participation in the 1st Brazilian Auto Parts Trade Mission to Russia. The mission was organized by the National Association of Brazilian Auto Parts Manufacturers (SINDIPECAS) with the support of the Brazilian Trade And Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-BRASIL Moscow representative office). The key goals of the mission were to promote, support and foster Brazilian auto parts manufacturing companies performance in Russian market.

The Mission consolidated 14 enterprises from various Brazilian regions, which produce automotive spare parts, components, accessories and equipment.


Basya Group matchmaking services included identification and outreach to more than 400 potential matching Russian companies of automotive and automotive spare parts industry, development of catalogue of the Brazilian companies attending the mission, promotion of the event via Russian mass media sources, distributing information to identified matching partners, preparing full profiles of qualified Russian companies, appointment the meetings between Brazilian and Russian companies.

At the round table meetings day the Brazilian companies were able to have 92 pre-scheduled business-to-business appointments with Russian / CIS. Over 35 companies attended round table meetings, including 29 companies – buyers interested in products presented by Brazilian producers, as well as mass media representatives, business associations, and government institutions.

You can find brief movie about the event by this link.

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