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Importers, distributors, wholesalers search and analysis

Basya Group assists the companies entering Russian market with the searching and multifactor evaluation of the importers, distributors, wholesalers and dealers


Russian market is one of the world’s largest and rapidly expanding markets for the imported goods and services. More than 140 million consumers with the middle class growing rapidly tend to prefer quality products and services.


Selecting the right reliable trade partner is the key success factor for your sales in Russian market. However, the searching of the really resourced distributor can be quite complicated, time- and money-consuming process in Russia due to the market size and specific features of business culture.


We understand the primary importance of the potential distributor’s analysis and proper choice since it can be difficult enough to change the partner once you are in the market.


The searching and analysis of trade partners is performed by us according to your market requirements. We collect and provide you the potential customer’s database with the data as indicated above (for each potential partner) so you can identify the resources of partners to distribute your product :


1. Company profile (brief review, foundation year, background)

2. Type (importer, distributor, wholesaler, dealer, agent, retailer, end-user etc)

3. Product range (core business, brands in distribution)

4. Main distribution channels

5. Sales geography

6. Market share (turnover, sales data, distribution network)

7. Company structure and employees (esp. sales staff)

8. Warehouse capacity

9. Contact details

10. Person responsible for new products / purchasing

11. Business reputation


We will provide you any additional information upon your request.


If you need our support in the preliminary negotiations with Russian partners, translation or adjustment of the documents, customs regulation consulting or any other kind of assistance - we will be glad to help.

Competitors export sales to Russia analysis

Our company will find out your competitors exporting the products to Russian market. According to your request we are able to collect, analyze and provide you the following information about the competitors export activity in Russia:


- competitors list 

- customers (importers of the competitors goods)

- sales volume (for the period required)

- contract prices for the goods supplied

- delivery points

- wholesale / retail prices


or other competitor information that can be useful for you.

Market research

If you are just planning sell to Russia it is reasonable to identify your export potential in the country, market challenges and the prospects for your goods.


BASYA Group performs the Russian market / industry researches estimating the export products opportunity in Russia, including current political and economical climate, competitive environment, demand and consumption trends, legal regulation and advanced entry strategy for the company. The market research typically includes the following important considerations:


- demographic, economic and political environment

- production of competitive goods in Russia

- trade development (current trends, foreign and domestic sales dynamics)

- major market players

- demand and consumption

- distribution channels

- trade and customs regulation

- marketing issues (pricing, trade fair activities)

- entry strategy recommendations


You can find the sample of report content here.

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