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Open Russian Market For Your Product.  Let Us Help You.


Russia is the largest country in the world with more than 142 million consumers. The country is the world’s 8th major economy by GDP and the 6th largest by purchasing power parity. The import of goods and services in 2018 was $ 248 billion, so Russia is the 17th world's leading trader of goods and services. The current economy trends  as upgrade of the primary manufacturing industries, economy modernization, and localization process make the Russian market challenging for international partners. Today is the great time for new suppliers to come and develop outstanding Russian market for its goods and services.




BASYA Group is the Russian company, specialized in the support of the international companies entering Russian and CIS markets. We assist the companies with the searching the best distribution channels and considerable network of importers, distributors and wholesalers for its product.

BASYA Group provides market reviews, industry analysis, and reports on competitors to identify the product potential and the best prospects for efficient penetration and development of outstanding Russian market. 


Let us help you.




BASYA Group is your best support if:

Your company is going to develop Russian market with its products but you need more information to identify the opportunities and estimate the risks.

Your company is aiming to find reliable distributors with the real resources to develop your product in Russia.

If you plan enter Russian market or expand your sales we will support you with the services as follows:


  • Importers, distributors and wholesalers search (company profiles, market volume, sales resources, contacts etc)


  • Market review (market size, key trends and product opportunities)


  • Industry survey with key statistical information


  • Major market players overview


  • Competitors analysis (supplies to Russia, sales volumes, pricing, importers and customers)


  • Consumer habits (demand and consumption trends, buying criteria)


  • Trade rules and regulation (certification, standards, customs)


  • Documents support (translation, adjustment for Russian market)


  • Negotiation support


  • Entry strategy development


BASYA Group is the team of young and enthusiastic people with the great background of international trade and new markets development. The "real-life" longstanding sales experience all over the world makes our team very efficient in the support of companies entering Russian market. We know that penetration of new markets is not an easy process; it requires much advances and support. We know all the difficulties faced by companies planning to develop new market.


We are here to support your penetration of Russian market with your products and we are very enthusiastic about the job we do!

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basyagroup@gmail.com  |  +7 937 173 19 27  |  Samara, Russia